(From - to -) Semana Santa

It is a project focused on solidarity travel and volunteering with children from different schools, carrying out workshops and activities for intercultural exchange, with the realization of intercultural workshops with children.
The field of work will be done in a school near the house. Different groups of volunteers will be made (depending on the number of participants) to carry out the activities.
The activities that will be carried out are:

Activities with children
Painting and restoration
Cultural exchange and languages
There are also two excursions. A desert excursion where we will spend the night sleeping in haimas to enjoy the end of the year and a local excursion.

 Activities with kids

Moroccan children do not usually have many toys to entertain themselves, most go out to play with other children because they do not have adequate spaces to hang out. From the association we offer the possibility to create activities and games, both indoors and outdoors.

Volunteers can bring materials or toys to prepare activities or games.

Painting and restoration

Most of the schools in the region are in poor condition, which presents great difficulty for the development of courses especially in winter. One of the objectives of this volunteering is to paint, decorate and repair both the windows and the doors of the classes in order to create an ideal space for children.

Cultural exchanges and languages

English and Spanish are languages that are beyond the reach of most Moroccan children, can only be studied in private schools or when they are older in institutes or universities, so it is unusual to find people in Morocco who speak these languages. Therefore, we also offer classes in these two languages for children, as we think they are very important languages internationally and that can greatly help them to expand their knowledge, to be able to interact with people from other countries and to opt for a better professional positioning.